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Delta has an Eighty-Five year tradition of outstanding employee relations. Our goal is to sustain this positive relationship for the future in a union-free work environment for Reservation Sales, Airport Customer Service, Ramp and In-Flight. 


On the heels of a Delta Proud/No Way IAM campaign presence in and around Reservations Call Centers and the above/below wing areas of ACS system-wide, occasional teams of IAM Organizers/Activists have begun visibility efforts of their own, setting up camp around the Delta system. So far, reports indicate their ranks to be well armed with error-riddled, sensationalist union material in addition to their usual lies.

This material was written by outsiders with no relevant Delta perspective. It's claims of forced anti-union meetings, entrapment and threats by Delta bear no resemblance to the Eighty-year tradition of outstanding employee relations that has been enjoyed by all. In fact, the IAM material so misrepresents your fellow employees.


If you encounter union activists campaigning in the parking lots, lounges or elsewhere, please welcome our new colleagues professionally, as you would wish to be greeted. Feel free to engage in respectful dialogue, bearing in mind we are all colleagues at the end of the day. The one thing we do agree with the IAM is that you should remain alert to underlying agendas within casual discussions. 

Most importantly, however, arm yourself with education upfront. Become familiar with the headlines, discussions and factual information found on the Delta Proud/No Way IAM Facebook page, the NO WAY IAM web site and the National Right to Work Foundationís web site.

No Union/Ex-Union Testimonials

This woman is so sincere in her efforts to warn about the IAM that she made hundreds of copies, at her own expense, of this letter to hand out when she was recently in ATL.  She passed a large envelope of them to a Delta Proud member.  Here we post her letter. Thanks, Shelly!

Union? Vote NO 

I have been a Northwest Reservations Agent for 14 years. I am asking for your assistance, as my Delta Colleague, to put an end to the multi million-dollar Union business that is now trying to get you to pay for a product they will never deliver. They call Union Dues INSURANCE? Really? Just how great is their insurance? 

1. Job security - I have watched the closing of the New York, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Detroit Reservations offices. These offices were all closed due to difficult business decisions that had to be made. The lAM is NOT able to protect your job! 

2. Outsourced jobs - All of our smaller stations, although they were represented by the lAM, lost their jobs due to outsourcing. This was a difficult business decision that had to be made. The lAM is NOT able to protect your job! 

3. Salary amount security - You, at Delta are making more than I am. Seriously, do you really want a union? 

4. Did you know that if I take a sick day, I only make 75% of my regular pay? 

Might want to also mention that I have over 600 hours in my sick bank, wonder what it would be like to be paid for the days I didn't ever use? I used to get 4 weeks of vacation, now I get 3 weeks a year. I could go on, but I'm thinking that by now you get the picture. 

I have been working for Northwest Airlines since March of 1996 - 148 months. In that time I have paid over $5,000 in Union Dues. For that "insurance" all of the above has taken place. In the next 10 years, I will pay a MINIMUM (assuming no increases?) of $6,800. If I were to put that same amount in Delta's retirement program, I would walk away with a minimum of $13,000. I have never, ever, even one single time, used the Union services in our office. 

Again, I ask you to please, please do the right thing when it comes to a vote. Currently, the lAM is trying to get a law changed that has been in effect since the late 1800's. It means that a small percentage of the people will control what happens to YOUR job. This is SO typical of their tactics. Seriously, you do not really want a union. 

Shelly Sullivan 
Reservation Sales Agent 
Wanted to share a letter from Linda Conley, an Atlanta based flight attendant via our compatriots at NO WAY AFA.


Delta Airlines/Union Vote: An Employee's Perspective

It is both with dismay and apprehension that I as well as many of my fellow Delta Airlines employees await an impending vote on unionizing several of our work groups...Airport Customer Service, Cargo, Reservations, and Flight Attendants.

As a flight attendant for over 35 years, I still consider it a dream job which has enabled me to make a comfortable living while seeing the world. My time at Delta has been pleasant and without strife. I watched as other airlines experienced turmoil, endless negotiations, strikes, and often failure, greatly relieved that I didn't work for them. Yes, we at Delta have experienced change and uncertainty in the form of pay cuts (since partially reinstated), mergers with Western Airlines, Pan Am, and most recently Northwest, Delta's bankruptcy and subsequent reemergence, as well as the disappointment some years ago in a new group of executives who stayed only long enough to take off with their golden parachutes, leaving us all dumbstruck.

But I, and more importantly Delta, weathered the storms and Delta has now succeeded in becoming the world's largest airline, most recently posting a $549 million profit for the June quarter of which $90 million is profit sharing for its employees. I believe that it is due to the fact that except for our pilots and flight dispatchers, we are a non-union company enabling Delta to maneuver more easily in both good times and bad without the stranglehold unions so often create. Some employees may not always agree with the company's decisions but as I look around at the number of people in this country presently without a job, I am very thankful to be employed and appreciate the benefits I still enjoy.

Delta has been competing in a precarious national and worldwide economic climate and succeeding! All one need do is reflect upon those businesses either long gone or struggling to realize how lucky we are. Eastern Airlines, Braniff, TWA, and both the steel and auto industries all had or still have union involvement. British Airways, embroiled in negotiations with its flight attendants since last November, recently posted a nearly $228 million loss due to strike disruptions. Meanwhile, companies such as Skywest Airlines, Walmart, Toyota, Nissan, Apple, and Cintas to name just a few, are thriving without unions.

My disappointments at Delta have been few, the rewards many. We have an open door policy in which I feel comfortable to approach my in-flight supervisor as well as the top management. On a personal note, Delta has been most accommodating to me in those unexpected situations in which I could not come to work. On a much larger scale, last summer after the untimely death of a Salt Lake City based flight attendant, Delta saw to it that over 40 flight attendants in that base who were originally scheduled to fly were able to attend his funeral at the cost of putting extra pressure on our flight operation on an already busy weekend. Delta has always been reasonable and helpful to those who don't take advantage.

I've never felt the need for "representation" or "protection" as I ensured that for myself by being a conscientious and honest employee who has been willing to accept that my days may not always go as scheduled due to weather, mechanical problems, or other operational issues. Nor have I expected Delta to care for me from cradle to grave and have thus, planned my finances accordingly.

I realize that Delta is running a business with obligations to more than just its employees.

I implore my fellow workers to let Delta manage Delta. Stand up for your company and think of all the good that you presently have, not what you dream of having. A union cannot guarantee that you'll have the best that you now enjoy. A union can only guarantee that you will pay dues and that you can strike. It can only provide its members with what a company is willing to give. Do not let petty grievances blind you to the fact that Delta has been very good to us and I truly believe has our best interests in mind while at the same time managing the company.

We at Delta have generally been known among airlines to have a culture of good service to our passengers with a willingness to go above and beyond. We have no union constraints as to our responsibilities. We consider it our "job" even if a task is not really a part of our job description. Our "shift" is not over if there's still a need for us. We're there for the passengers because without them, we have no airline. Fellow Delta employees, I encourage you to vote NO to keep Delta our Delta. Remember, Our Airline, Our Future!

Linda M. Conley
ATL Based Flight Attendant